Friday, March 23, 2012

I've been awake for an obscenely long time.

Last night/this morning, I went to the opening night showing of the Hunger Games... at 3:30 AM.

I went to bed at 9 the night before in preparation, and woke again around 1:45, raring to go.

I loaded myself up with rockstars and cheezits, and once I had an appropriately obscene amount of caffeine in my system, I went off with my friend Trey and his friend to Thanksgiving Point to see the IMAX movie in all of its beautiful, dramatic glory.

And let me tell you.... worth it.

Seriously. This movie is fetching fantastic. I laughed. I cried a wee bit. I gripped my companions in suspence.

It. Was. Amazing.

If you haven't seen the Hunger Games yet, go forth and do so ASAP.
Stop reading. Go and see it now.
I said stop.
Quit it.
Get your butt up and go buy a ticket.
You'll thank me later.

In other news, once you're on as much caffeine as me, you start to think you can talk to ducks. Just ask my Dad, he is witness to my self-imposed hilarity "under the influence" so to speak.

I'm planning on seeing The Hunger Games again within the near future. I recommend you all do the same, and then we can all pee our pants in companionate excitement.

That is all.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Homebody, Homeboy...

I have been such a homebody lately.

I basically live paycheck to paycheck, and though I am usually very good about budgeting everything I need out every two weeks, I still face times in which slightly higher utilities keep my recreational activities on the cheaper side for the month.

So, seeing as I don't get paid until the end of the week, I've been trying to find inexpensive ways to keep myself at least mildly entertained for a time.

Essentially, I go to the library, read books, do homework, and sleep. A lot.

I have been sleeping so much lately. I often take at least an hour nap in the middle of the day, and still find it easy to fall asleep around ten each night. And it doesn't make it any easier to wake up in the mornings, believe you me.

I don't really know why I constantly feel so exhausted, but it sure is getting annoying. I can never quite get enough sleep, it feels like. You know?

In other news,

This weekend I took a big bag of leftover pancake mix I had and made rainbow pancakes. Because I'm cool like that.

Also, I still have a whole lot of pancake mix left. Anyone know of anything atypical one could do with those? Because I'm quickly running out of ideas.

In other other news,

I graduate college in 5 weeks and two days.

Please excuse me while I pee my pants out of excitement.