Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do you want to know... who my biggest celebrity crush is?

I see these blogposts all around and over and under the internet. So I thought I would make one of my very own.

But mine, you see, is going to be a little bit different.

This is because, and I am only guessing here, Most of you will not know who this guy is.

I will admit, he is not really a HUGE celebrity. But hey. Its all gravy.

And no, it is not Ezra Koenig... because I know that would be your first guess.

It is Geof Manthorne, executive sous chef at Maryland's Charm City Cakes. You may know him from the Food Network show, Ace of Cakes.

I adore him.

He is a culinary beast, and he is dry and hilarious, and the man enjoys a good chipwich. Let's be honest-- That's pretty much the mark of a most excellent man.

Moral of the Story, He is great.

PS: BN is having another giveaway. Please cross your fingers that I win this time. Please. Please Please. Please Please Please.
And go czech her out also.

Pip pip.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I miss sewing.

I loved being at home and having a sewing machine at my disposal everyday... not to mention a car with which to drive to JoAnn's. Hahaha. At least I have the fruits of my labor here at school with me to keep me company and remind me of the good old days. Meaning.. like, a week ago. LOLZ.

Also, I have Grosgrain to help me reminisce too.
She's giving away another one of her ridiculously fabulous original creations. Check out the "Streamer Frock" here!

JEALOUS of her talents and creativity.... and yudu machine... though that has really nothing to do with it. Hahahaha. :)

Also, I adore Shabby Apple Brand, and she is hosting a Shabby Apple Queensland Swimsuit giveaway.

Can you say, HECK to Yes Please??

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The End of an Era for Erin. (Lost Spoiler Alerts)

Tonight, in a mere hour and a half from the time that I write this sentence, the very last, final, never again episode of LOST is going to begin.

Currently I am sitting in my basement, on the couch, wearing my delightful snuggie, with a diet coke beside me, and the remote at my other side.

I am utterly terrified for what is going to occur tonight. Terrified.

My biggest fear is that it'll end with it all being some kind of dream. That is the MOST unsatisfying ending I can possibly think of. I would be.... well, livid if that happened.

And so, my dear friends and followers and readers, etc etc, I present to you the very last post detailing my reactions to the series finale of LOST.

Baaahhhh. I'll likely cry.

-------------a few hours later------------------

aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I cried like a baby. Especially during those last couple minutes, and pretty much every single time one of the couples had a reunion.

So, about the ending.

here are my questions that still stand unanswered:
what happened to walt, michael, and mr. eko? why weren't ana lucia, daniel, miles, charlotte, and lapidus in the church at the end? when did hurley and ben die? at that, when did sawyer, kate, and claire die? i didn't see the plane crash. did you?? i dont comprehend.

oh well. It wouldn't be the same Lost without unanswered questions, as usual.

on another note:

Really, Damelof? Everyone's dead? Way to perpetuate the expected that people have been saying since season one.

Regardless of everything that I found dissatisfying about the finale, I still loved it. I gave six years of devotion to this show, and I'm glad it ended in at least a semi satisfying manner. I did enjoy it nonetheless.