Monday, May 24, 2010

I miss sewing.

I loved being at home and having a sewing machine at my disposal everyday... not to mention a car with which to drive to JoAnn's. Hahaha. At least I have the fruits of my labor here at school with me to keep me company and remind me of the good old days. Meaning.. like, a week ago. LOLZ.

Also, I have Grosgrain to help me reminisce too.
She's giving away another one of her ridiculously fabulous original creations. Check out the "Streamer Frock" here!

JEALOUS of her talents and creativity.... and yudu machine... though that has really nothing to do with it. Hahahaha. :)

Also, I adore Shabby Apple Brand, and she is hosting a Shabby Apple Queensland Swimsuit giveaway.

Can you say, HECK to Yes Please??

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