Sunday, February 28, 2010

I just caught a glimpse of purgatory, outer darkness, spirit prison, pick your hell.

Its in my living room when my roommate and her boy toy are spending quality time together on the couch as I do my homework in the overlooking kitchen.

Don't even worry-- I took webcam pictures documenting the entire event in real time, with my appropriate reactions per display of affection.


This is when they walked in. I call it "Murder."
This is when I realized that my presence was making them uncomfortable. Excellennttttt

This is when they still hung there after 5 minutes. I call it "Grangh." It is a sound of frustration.

This is from when she started playing with his hair. Ew.

This is from when they started getting worse, with extreme flirting and laughing and snuggling. Gag me.

Wishing hopefully that our clock was not broken and that it was time for him to begone.
This is when I heard mackin noises, so I looked over real fast and saw nothing, unfortunately.

I call this one "Get thee hence." Cuz they're still there. And it sucks.
This one's called "HALLALOO!!!!"on account of they had both just walked out the door. Yaayyyyyyyyy.

As of right at this moment...

I have decided to try out an interesting new diet. Just to see how it is.

A little while ago I posted about maybe becoming a vegetarian for a while, to see if I could, and my really awesome sister in law, Wendy, commented on how she comes from a religion with a lot of food restrictions (seventh- day adventist before she joined the church) and how she has decided from that that she likes meat and that many times some meats are even better than vegetarian project. She suggested that I try turkey meats instead.

So I am going to do exactly that.

From here on out, probably not permanently, but indefinitely, I am cutting out red meat from now on. Just to see if I can, and to see if I like it. I'm going to try out turkey mostly, and I'll still eat fish, but I already don't eat a lot of fish as it is, except for the occasional can of tuna.

I've gotten sort of sick of chicken from living in the Spanish House, since that's all anyone seems to know how to cook, but I guess I can still eat it every now and then, as long as its cooked properly. I am seriously trying realy hard to educate everyone here on when food is completely booked, since nobody seems to grasp that concept particularly well. Ugh.

So.... yep. I've got lots of veggies in my fridge right now and wheat thins in my pantry, so I am pretty much a happy camper.


Update: I'm also trying, slowly but surely, to reduce my intake of white flower too. I read in Cosmo (don't judge me. seriously, stop judging me right now) that Dr. Ox (there you go, judging me again. enough of that) said that if he had to give anyone a health tip, it would be to cut out white flower entirely. I sort of have a minor addiction to croissants and french bread, so like I said, reduce. Slowly. Verrrrryyy slowly.

Monday, February 22, 2010

You know what's weird as heck??

When people have bizarre, random late night facebook conversations with you

And ask really bizarre, random questions

And it ends up being an awkward buttload of weird and you get all thrown off and confused.

Love those nights.


Sunday, February 21, 2010


So I've been sitting here thinking random thoughts while watching "Starstruck" on disney channel.... eh. Verdict is still out on that one.

Anyways, one of my random thoughts was about being a vegetarian.

I think I could do it if I wanted to. I already only eat meat maybe once a day at dinner, and, no offense to anyone in the Spanish House, but many times the food kind of sucks. Bless their hearts, but some people just don't know how to cook. I've had more than my share of undercooked chicken, greasy beef, and who knows what else.

So I'm sitting here thinking to myself, and I'm thinking, it wouldn't be that hard to cut meat out altogether. At least for a period of time, you know, just to see if I could.

So I'm thinking I may just do that. For kicks and giggles, y'know.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Its going to be a horrible day.

I woke up about 20 minutes ago. Yeah, at about 4:30 in the effing morning.

I'm sick... and it sucks butt.

I hate hate hate being sick... especially when I can't sleep because of it.

I have a feeling I won't be asleep by the time our apartment devotional rolls around at 6:30.


Here's hoping I can work off of less sleep than normal today.


Thursday, February 18, 2010


While I was at work today, this old guy and his... wife?... came up to the desk and stood there for a minute staring off into space, then the old guy came up to my seat and was all,

"My sister, would you be able to help me?"

I think I probably made a weird face for a minute, because I realized he was calling ME "My sister," before I snapped out of it and helped him find the CD he was looking for.

Oh, Utah. You are so very full of such very odd mormons.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My weekly Bachelor blah blahs

First of all, I'm going to need you, reader, to stop judging me for watching the Bachelor. I'm allowed my fair share of TV Trash every now and then. So let me be.

My opinions of this week:

Ugh. I am so mad that Allie is gone.
She had been my favorite from the beginning.
Though I am glad that he didn't let her back this week after she called him... Too much drama would have been caused. Whate'er.

There's something about Vienna that I just don't like. Honestly... Something about her just makes me want to punch a baby or something. She acts like
she's 16 years old. Gag.

I like Tenley... but she annoys me at times too. She has an almsot Utah-y way of talking, with her voice all high pitched and squeaky, and she says stuff like "rilly" instead of "really,"
which makes me a wee bit frustrated.

But yeah.

Eh... whatever. Whoever he picks, I don't care too much. I'll be okay with whatever happens.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Taking the high road is NOT my specialty.

...But Passive Aggression IS.

You see. I have this roommate who has recently obtained a little boyfriend, or make out buddy more like. Anywho, their new favorite place in which to mack is in our living room, on the couch, during literally all hours of the day and night (within visiting hours, of course.)

It's become a regular sight to see them all over each other on our sofa, anytime from 6:30 in the morning to midnight.

And I'm SICK of it.


One thing that particularly pisses me off is the fact that, last semester, we had one different girl living here who moved out after last semester, for this particular reason.

You see, the old girl had a boyfriend/now fiancee at the time, and they would spend a fair amount of time in the living room, cuddling on the couch or whatever, and honestly, that didn't bother me at ALL. Honestly!

Now that I think about it though, it's most likely because that girl and I were actually friends, whereas now this roommate and I are definitely NOT friends. NOT. Friends.

However, this one roommate, the RF of our apartment, took it on herself to act as an obnoxious 'motherly-ish' figure or something redonkulous, and pulled the old roommate aside several times to chastise her about it, and say obnoxious, ridiculous things like "if anything happened between you in our apartment, i would feel responsible" and all types of similar B.S.

And yet, here we are, with her pulling the EXACT SAME CRAP. So why don't we, as the other residents, point this out to her, and bask in the realization of her own hypocrisy? Oh I plan to. In good time.

Like I've said. Taking the "High Road" is NOT my specialty. Or something I tend to do, umm, ever. I'm working on that. But hey. Gimme a break. In the meantime, I have concocted a plan of action that will proceed as follows.

Earlier in this semester, we had an apartment meeting, in which she mentioned to us that one thing we ought to change is that, when guys come over to our apartment, and we are dressed "not completely modestly," it makes them uncomfortable. I pretty much know for a fact that she was talking about me, because a couple nights before I had been working on something in the kitchen, while wearing my mesh running soffes, (aka pretty short exercise shorts) when she and another roommate brought in her pseudo-boyfriend and the other roommate's brother over for whatever reason. I really didn't give a crap, and I was there first, so I kept on doing my thing, while they hung out in the living room.

So. The following is not going to sound very noble of me at all. But whatever.

Like I said, passive aggression. Now, everytime she and her little boyfriend are smooshin on MY living room couch, I go into my bedroom and put on my shorts, then proceed to go out into the kitchen with whatever excuse, unloading the dishwasher, making lunch, sweeping the floor, etc etc.

Not gonna lie here, my ultimate goal is to make them uncomfortable. Because if you're gonna make ME uncomfortable, then HECK YEAH I'm gonna make YOU uncomfortable. And that's called Karma. I secretly hope she attempts to chastise me again for it, because THEN I will be able to throw the hypocrisy in her face, and bask in the irony of the situation.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My hair is really long.

Seriously, its longer than its been in a long freaking time. Like, 3-6 years.

And I'm bored waiting for Lost to come on.

Therefore, look forth at my boredom pictures, and enjoy.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dear people of my complex:

I'm gonna need you all to stop hooking up with each other.

No, seriously.

It's getting to be a little more than nauseating.

And if you're going to be obnoxious and cuddle like idiots, please have the decency to do it in a different room than the one I am trying to clean because my roommates are too incapable of picking up after themselves.

Really though. Quit it. You're making me sick.

Perhaps this would be a good time to mention my feelings about Valentine's Day. It is drawing nearer, after all, and becoming blaringly obvious.

I found this quote once from Chelsea Lately in a copy of Cosmopolitan. I feel like it sums it up pretty well.

"I have never been a big fan of Valentine's Day. I don't have anything against the day itself; I just don't think its a very nice day. My boyfriend and I don't need a special day to celebrate our relationship. I think its plain rude that there's a day reserved for people who are in love. What about the people who aren't in love? They don't get a special day. They get happy hour, but that's every day, so it isn't really that special."

Can I get a "Amen?" Yeah. I agree completely with this.

I don't have anything against anyone who is in love or in lust or all over each other or whatever, honestly I don't. I just don't want it flaunted in front of my face like our freaking commercialized world does so very well.

All in all, I am grateful for one thing during valentine's day:

Them big ol' Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Hearts.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is it a compliment to be told you look like your Grandma?

I mean, think about it.

Then again, if you are told in conjunction that she was pretty much a hottie back in the day, then I guess its cool. Because that way you've been indirectly called a hottie. Sweet.

Do you see it?? My grandma is the woman holding the young girl in the bottom left hand corner here.

Personally, I think she looks like herself. But that's just me.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love love love.

^ That is how I feel about LOST last night.

It was magnificently flabbergasting.

Here are my thoughts on what occurred within those two heavenly hours:


Jack's on the plane! Woohoo! It worked! Wait... the island is underwater?? Did I just see the dharma logo on that one shark again? Easter egg easter egg! What the snap... there are houses under the ocean! And the statue thing! Wait a minute. Kate's on the island? Sawyer's on the island? JACK's on the island? Everyone's on the freaking island AND the plane?? Juliet's dead? Well that sucks. Wait... Juliet's alive?? Huzzah!! I love Sawyer... haha Sawyer hit Jack in the face... Man, I am IN love with Sawyer. Desmond's on the plane? Whaa??? Did Locke go on his walkabout or is he bluffing? Shannon's in Australia? Ahh Charlie's alive! Hooray!!!! Geez I LOVE Sawyer so freaking much. So Kate escaped from the marshal, and hijacked a cab... with extremely pregnant CLAIRE?? AWw crapper! Sayid's dead! And there's a crazy asian guy who hates english... and he's bleeding... and Locke is the smoke monster... and Jacob's dead... and Sayid's ALIVE? Aaaaaaaaagggghhhhh

Yep. That about sums up how I felt about last night. Beautifully satisfying and yet ultimately flabbergasting. I wouldn't expect anything less.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just want to say.

So. Bachelor Opinions of the week:

WTF. I hate Vienna. And I love Allie. I love that she is abrasive and awesome like that.

And Vienna makes me want to kick someone in the hemorrhoids.

In other, much more epically important news:


I could not possibly be any more excited than I am right at this moment.

Monday, February 1, 2010

You know what's a buttload of fun??

Playing with mah hurr straightener.

Well, particularly on days when you have nothing to do, because you've already actually done all your homework and you already watched last night's episode of SNL on Hulu, and you don't want to go outside because its freaking cold, and your roommate can't play because she has a paper to write hats due tomorrow, and you don't feel like sitting around reading the three books you have in your possession.

Yeah. Those are good days to play with mah hurr straightener.

It was a learning experience, really.

I learned that my hair straightens reeeaaallly easily.
I also learned that mah hurr straightener does a pretty good job of curling mah hurr when I want it too.
I also learned that if I want, I could have these legit bangs that are reminiscent the elementary school hairdo that I had for a good 12 years solid.

Also, they would be great paired with a side ponytail, takig on an 80s-esque look.
I call this look 'Bangs-in.''
What a productive day indeed.