Sunday, February 28, 2010

As of right at this moment...

I have decided to try out an interesting new diet. Just to see how it is.

A little while ago I posted about maybe becoming a vegetarian for a while, to see if I could, and my really awesome sister in law, Wendy, commented on how she comes from a religion with a lot of food restrictions (seventh- day adventist before she joined the church) and how she has decided from that that she likes meat and that many times some meats are even better than vegetarian project. She suggested that I try turkey meats instead.

So I am going to do exactly that.

From here on out, probably not permanently, but indefinitely, I am cutting out red meat from now on. Just to see if I can, and to see if I like it. I'm going to try out turkey mostly, and I'll still eat fish, but I already don't eat a lot of fish as it is, except for the occasional can of tuna.

I've gotten sort of sick of chicken from living in the Spanish House, since that's all anyone seems to know how to cook, but I guess I can still eat it every now and then, as long as its cooked properly. I am seriously trying realy hard to educate everyone here on when food is completely booked, since nobody seems to grasp that concept particularly well. Ugh.

So.... yep. I've got lots of veggies in my fridge right now and wheat thins in my pantry, so I am pretty much a happy camper.


Update: I'm also trying, slowly but surely, to reduce my intake of white flower too. I read in Cosmo (don't judge me. seriously, stop judging me right now) that Dr. Ox (there you go, judging me again. enough of that) said that if he had to give anyone a health tip, it would be to cut out white flower entirely. I sort of have a minor addiction to croissants and french bread, so like I said, reduce. Slowly. Verrrrryyy slowly.

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