Sunday, February 28, 2010

I just caught a glimpse of purgatory, outer darkness, spirit prison, pick your hell.

Its in my living room when my roommate and her boy toy are spending quality time together on the couch as I do my homework in the overlooking kitchen.

Don't even worry-- I took webcam pictures documenting the entire event in real time, with my appropriate reactions per display of affection.


This is when they walked in. I call it "Murder."
This is when I realized that my presence was making them uncomfortable. Excellennttttt

This is when they still hung there after 5 minutes. I call it "Grangh." It is a sound of frustration.

This is from when she started playing with his hair. Ew.

This is from when they started getting worse, with extreme flirting and laughing and snuggling. Gag me.

Wishing hopefully that our clock was not broken and that it was time for him to begone.
This is when I heard mackin noises, so I looked over real fast and saw nothing, unfortunately.

I call this one "Get thee hence." Cuz they're still there. And it sucks.
This one's called "HALLALOO!!!!"on account of they had both just walked out the door. Yaayyyyyyyyy.


Tiffy J. said...

You are magnificent. The end.

Deb in GA said...

Laughing so hard I can NOT breathe. Brilliant photo essay!