Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My weekly Bachelor blah blahs

First of all, I'm going to need you, reader, to stop judging me for watching the Bachelor. I'm allowed my fair share of TV Trash every now and then. So let me be.

My opinions of this week:

Ugh. I am so mad that Allie is gone.
She had been my favorite from the beginning.
Though I am glad that he didn't let her back this week after she called him... Too much drama would have been caused. Whate'er.

There's something about Vienna that I just don't like. Honestly... Something about her just makes me want to punch a baby or something. She acts like
she's 16 years old. Gag.

I like Tenley... but she annoys me at times too. She has an almsot Utah-y way of talking, with her voice all high pitched and squeaky, and she says stuff like "rilly" instead of "really,"
which makes me a wee bit frustrated.

But yeah.

Eh... whatever. Whoever he picks, I don't care too much. I'll be okay with whatever happens.

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