Monday, February 1, 2010

You know what's a buttload of fun??

Playing with mah hurr straightener.

Well, particularly on days when you have nothing to do, because you've already actually done all your homework and you already watched last night's episode of SNL on Hulu, and you don't want to go outside because its freaking cold, and your roommate can't play because she has a paper to write hats due tomorrow, and you don't feel like sitting around reading the three books you have in your possession.

Yeah. Those are good days to play with mah hurr straightener.

It was a learning experience, really.

I learned that my hair straightens reeeaaallly easily.
I also learned that mah hurr straightener does a pretty good job of curling mah hurr when I want it too.
I also learned that if I want, I could have these legit bangs that are reminiscent the elementary school hairdo that I had for a good 12 years solid.

Also, they would be great paired with a side ponytail, takig on an 80s-esque look.
I call this look 'Bangs-in.''
What a productive day indeed.

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