Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Christmas Letter from Erin and Optimus Prime.


The following was created during an extensive all-nighter last week, in which I was under the heavy influence of Redline and sugared cereal. I then proceeded to email this to my entire immediate family, who, bless their hearts, probably find me quite insane. But hey, that's what family is for, right? To abide with you throughout your insanity and questionable late-night antics.

Or something like that.


Hola Famdamily!!
Happy Holidays from Erin and Optimus Prime!!

Our little family has been through a lot of trials and tribulations this year. Erin has been in school non-stop since June of 2010, and is still going strong. She is expected to graduate in April of this upcoming year, with a bachelor's degree in Spanish, and a minor in Sociology. She has worked very hard on all of her classes, and enjoyed most all of them, excepting the gosh awful piano class taught by a less than experienced grad student, but we shan't dwell on that.

The year started out with Captain Phil joining the family, but he unfortunately passed away a few months into the year. Afterwards, three new Paulukaiciai joined the family, including Nilla, Goober, and Optimus Prime. Erin was a proud and excited parent to several little nugget hermit crabs for quite a period.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our earthly control, Nilla passed away from an unidentified illness not long after coming home. She was dearly missed.

Goober and Optimus Prime were the best of friends, spooning and snuggling in their tank for hours on end. The two did everything together, which made it all that much harder when Goober passed away on to that big hermit crab laden beach in the sky, where we know he is being shown the ropes by our darling Captain Phil and Nilla. He is dearly missed, but Optimus knows that hermit crab families are forever.

Optimus Prime is just getting his spunk back, reeling in the wake of the loss of Goober. He has become good friends with his tankmates Xena Warrior Princess and Ninja, who have taken him under their claw. We are grateful for them.

Erin and Optimus look forward to the holidays and the new year. Optimus is looking forward to not having to pose for any more holiday pictures for a good long while. He has been a good sport and didn't even pinch once. It has been an exciting year to say the least!

Best holiday wishes from our family to yours.


Erin and Optimus Prime Paulukaitis

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Maybe someday I'll get to sleep normally again.

Its a bad sign when you schedule out when you're going to pull an all-nighter, and have every single hour and half hour of an evening rationed out per homework assignment.

What I wouldn't give for a huuuge, deep nap right now.

Unfortunately, I'm still 3 papers and 5 exams away from finishing the semester.

Hardest semester yet, I would definitely say.

I can't wait to just be home and not have to worry about anything. To have a full fridge of food I didn't have to budget to pay for, and a huge bed with a buttload of blankets, and be in sweet, sweet Georgia with my sweet, sweet family.

Prayers etc would be much appreciated at this time to help keep me from kicking any puppies or banging my head into my desk an unhealthy amount of times.