Monday, July 27, 2009

facebook excellence

So the other day me and my friends were goofing off after institute in the annex, playing basketball and stuff. I'm pretty horrible at it, so we were just messing around and my friend Kevin climbed on top of the hoop thing and told me to throw the ball "granny style" and he would get it in the basket for me. My other friend Megan apparently had a camera, and right as i bent over dramatically to chuck the ball, she snapped a picture. Right after that, she promptly told me that she had got a sweet shot of my butt. I thought it was hilarious, so she put it up on facebook. After that, some entertaining comments appeared. Here we go:

Erin Paulukaitis
Sun at 12:45am
Braden Hansen
Braden Hansen
niceeee lol
Sun at 6:06pm
Megan P.
Sun at 6:35pm
Erin Paulukaitis
Erin Paulukaitis
i'm just going to take it as a compliment.
Sun at 6:36pm · Delete
Wesley Kun
Wesley Kun
how sad take anything as a compliment!!!! sad sad sad and even sadder :(
11 hours ago
Kevin Yancey
Kevin Yancey
you know erin i didn't even notice me in this picture at first
about a minute ago
Megan P.
Megan P.
gee i wonder why...
about a minute ago
Erin Paulukaitis
Erin PaulukaitisHAHAHA
again, i"m going to take that as a compliment

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sad Beans.

Lately I've been really missing my really good friend Trey, who's on his mission in Fukuoka, Japan right now. He's been gone since March, and it feels like its already been a really long time. Wah. I just want him to appear outside my door or something. haha... or just go to Japan and show up at his. Whatever. I miss that boy. He needs to hurry up and missionize and get those two years to pass faster.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm channeling Julie Andrews.

These are a few of my favorite things... I got bored. Don't judge me. Enjoy.

1) Movies. I love them. some of my favorites are The Hunt for Red October, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and the Goonies.

2) Apples and peanut butter, heavy on the peanut butter. nuff said.

3) Chuck Norris. I adore this man.

4) Bubbles. Lame, maybe, but i love em.

5) LOST. I am absolutely positively obsessed with this show. If you ever hear any news about it, please tell me so i stay in the know. I could go on and on about what has happened and theories and the whole shebang. LOVE IT.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Words in the English language that I despise-- part II

The second installment of words in the English Language that I despise. A little/Lot late, but bear with me.

3) tummy-- see my explanation for belly. (shudder)

4) crush-- in the connotation of "OooOOoo, I have a crush on every boy!" It sounds painful. No me gusta.

5) puce-- as in the color. no explanation needed. especially if you've actually seen the color.

Well thats all for now kids. Enjoy.

Harry Potter... etc.

... is stellar. No lie. I adore those books and movies and almost all of their associated merchandise and whatnot. Dear JK Rowling. I heart you.

So i only have one week of work left for the summer, then I'm going on a YSA trip one weekend and then I get to go to New York with my parents and sister for a few days in early August. Then a few weeks after that I'm back to Utah for schoolish things and whatnot.

So I've been thinking a lot about what school will be like this year. Extremely different, one can only hope. I've especially been thinking about living in the FLSR... and I won't lie, I'm kinda sorta freakin out. Everytime I get to thinking about it, I go on this tangent in my mind that involves this daydream about trying to speak Spanish all the time and just... sucking at it. I know this is ridiculous, but it is insanely intimidating to consider. People tell me my Spanish is good but regardless, I'm just not as confident in it. Oh well. We'll see i guess.

In other news, I found out some interesting things about my elbow. I went to the orthopaedist the other day, since my elbow has been hurting waay badly lately. Some days I can barely move it or unbend it, let alone put any weight on it. So I went in, and told him about my break in January, then he examined it in his orthopaedist-y way, and told me that the tendons and some of the ligaments in my elbow are sore and swollen or something of the like. Apparently this is called tennis elbow... and I have it, even though I don't play tennis. Ha. So I got a brace for my arm (they actually have "tennis elbow braces") and I have to go in for physical therapy a couple times a week. It ought to be somewhat interesting. We'll see I guess.

Soooo I am a horrible friend who is horrible at writing letters to other friends in other states and countries! Ohs Noes. I need to jump on that. Seriously. If I don't get a letter to Japan soon, somebody is going to bust a cap at me, even from the other side of the world. Plus I need to send letters to Utah, Arizona, and Washington, and probably a few other places I can't think of right this moment. It has been waaaay too long since my last ones. Poo to being bad at keeping up with letters. Oh well, I'm working on it. I just despise the post office, so I'm always reluctant to go over there.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


We are in Huntsville, Alabama for this weekend and the Fourth of July. It is all kinds of fun and joy to be had. I am staying at my Aunt's house with her three miniature schnauzers. It is just thuper duper! I have found my camera again, so I will probably put up pictures soonish of our escapades.