Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How is your skeleton?

Mine's itchy. 

I haven't posted anything on here in many moons. Therefore, although I sincerely doubt that anyone even reads this anymore, I will give some updates on what has gone down in the last year and a half since I wrote anything. 

1. I dyed my hair cherry red. Then I dyed it black. Black was a mistake and shall not occur again. I am now a regular ginger and shall likely be until the day I die. (GET IT DIE DYE LOLOLOLOLOLOL) 

2. I got a dog. A DOG. Finalleeeeeeeeeeeee. Her name is Moxie and she is half pomeranian, quarter affenpinscher, and quarter cocker spaniel. And yes, I did get an expensive dog DNA test done on her, because I am a person without control and a massive amount of curiosity. Mostly just about dogs though. That and wikipedia info chains. 

3. My bestest friend Amy got murried. Gross. But yay. But mostly gross. whatever. 
see: black hair mistake 

4. I went to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball with this weirdo.
note: he is actually not all that weird and I am in fact rather fond of him and he shall more than likely be around for the foreseeable future. 

5. I did two more musicals and a play: Grease, A Big Top Christmas Carol, and as of the moment, Damn Yankees; portraying Frenchie, Emma Niezer, and Sister Miller respectively. 

6. I have puppy fever and am dying to get my hands on another dog. Or twelve. But thats not news, thats just an incurable aspect of my personality and shall likely never die down. 

That is all.