Monday, February 15, 2010

Taking the high road is NOT my specialty.

...But Passive Aggression IS.

You see. I have this roommate who has recently obtained a little boyfriend, or make out buddy more like. Anywho, their new favorite place in which to mack is in our living room, on the couch, during literally all hours of the day and night (within visiting hours, of course.)

It's become a regular sight to see them all over each other on our sofa, anytime from 6:30 in the morning to midnight.

And I'm SICK of it.


One thing that particularly pisses me off is the fact that, last semester, we had one different girl living here who moved out after last semester, for this particular reason.

You see, the old girl had a boyfriend/now fiancee at the time, and they would spend a fair amount of time in the living room, cuddling on the couch or whatever, and honestly, that didn't bother me at ALL. Honestly!

Now that I think about it though, it's most likely because that girl and I were actually friends, whereas now this roommate and I are definitely NOT friends. NOT. Friends.

However, this one roommate, the RF of our apartment, took it on herself to act as an obnoxious 'motherly-ish' figure or something redonkulous, and pulled the old roommate aside several times to chastise her about it, and say obnoxious, ridiculous things like "if anything happened between you in our apartment, i would feel responsible" and all types of similar B.S.

And yet, here we are, with her pulling the EXACT SAME CRAP. So why don't we, as the other residents, point this out to her, and bask in the realization of her own hypocrisy? Oh I plan to. In good time.

Like I've said. Taking the "High Road" is NOT my specialty. Or something I tend to do, umm, ever. I'm working on that. But hey. Gimme a break. In the meantime, I have concocted a plan of action that will proceed as follows.

Earlier in this semester, we had an apartment meeting, in which she mentioned to us that one thing we ought to change is that, when guys come over to our apartment, and we are dressed "not completely modestly," it makes them uncomfortable. I pretty much know for a fact that she was talking about me, because a couple nights before I had been working on something in the kitchen, while wearing my mesh running soffes, (aka pretty short exercise shorts) when she and another roommate brought in her pseudo-boyfriend and the other roommate's brother over for whatever reason. I really didn't give a crap, and I was there first, so I kept on doing my thing, while they hung out in the living room.

So. The following is not going to sound very noble of me at all. But whatever.

Like I said, passive aggression. Now, everytime she and her little boyfriend are smooshin on MY living room couch, I go into my bedroom and put on my shorts, then proceed to go out into the kitchen with whatever excuse, unloading the dishwasher, making lunch, sweeping the floor, etc etc.

Not gonna lie here, my ultimate goal is to make them uncomfortable. Because if you're gonna make ME uncomfortable, then HECK YEAH I'm gonna make YOU uncomfortable. And that's called Karma. I secretly hope she attempts to chastise me again for it, because THEN I will be able to throw the hypocrisy in her face, and bask in the irony of the situation.


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