Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love love love.

^ That is how I feel about LOST last night.

It was magnificently flabbergasting.

Here are my thoughts on what occurred within those two heavenly hours:


Jack's on the plane! Woohoo! It worked! Wait... the island is underwater?? Did I just see the dharma logo on that one shark again? Easter egg easter egg! What the snap... there are houses under the ocean! And the statue thing! Wait a minute. Kate's on the island? Sawyer's on the island? JACK's on the island? Everyone's on the freaking island AND the plane?? Juliet's dead? Well that sucks. Wait... Juliet's alive?? Huzzah!! I love Sawyer... haha Sawyer hit Jack in the face... Man, I am IN love with Sawyer. Desmond's on the plane? Whaa??? Did Locke go on his walkabout or is he bluffing? Shannon's in Australia? Ahh Charlie's alive! Hooray!!!! Geez I LOVE Sawyer so freaking much. So Kate escaped from the marshal, and hijacked a cab... with extremely pregnant CLAIRE?? AWw crapper! Sayid's dead! And there's a crazy asian guy who hates english... and he's bleeding... and Locke is the smoke monster... and Jacob's dead... and Sayid's ALIVE? Aaaaaaaaagggghhhhh

Yep. That about sums up how I felt about last night. Beautifully satisfying and yet ultimately flabbergasting. I wouldn't expect anything less.

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Wendy said...

I love you, Erin. I felt like I watched the show.