Sunday, March 29, 2009


soo.... i got bored. and got to musing. and i decided to make this random list of things i want to do before i die. or whatever. yup.

1. go skydiving
2. learn how to ballroom dance
3. live in seattle
4. go to paris, france
5. go to barcelona, spain
6. help build a habitat for humanity house
7. write a book
8. take a cake decorating class
9. learn how to play the banjo
10. get a dog
11. name that dog "Waffle."
12. see 10 plays on Broadway
13. get married
14. graduate college
15. own a restaurant/ bakery... perhaps when i am old and gray
16. learn to speak Lithuanian
17. go to Vilnius, Lithuania
18. ride a motorcycle

yep... pretty random i guess. oh well. haha... i figured 18 was good for now, same number as my age. more to come-- enjoy!


Adam said...

What about our massive road trip of doom?
-Ocracoke Island
-Drive in the car across the Atlantic
-Land at Bristol, England and learn how to talk like a pirate
-Drive to Lithuania and be premium crazy Eastern Europeans

Adam said...

Oh, and we wouldn't just go to Vilnius, even though it would be way cool.
We must to go to premium ancestors lands- Gražiškiai, Marijampolės Apskirtis and Vincentava, Keidainu Apskirtis.

Erin Paulukaitis said...

ah. of course. how could i forget? we have to drive across the atlantic, of course. Don't forget about our deep sea fishing trip!!!