Wednesday, April 29, 2009


yep... so i got my wisdom teeth taken out this morning. they gave me a valium to take beforehand, since i get super anxious annd tend to freak myself out before a doctor's appointment or stuff like that... so by the time we actually get to the oral surgeon's office, i'm feeling pretty dang good. they take me into the room where they'll perform the whole shindig, and i'm a happy little samper, musing about whatever the heckis going on, and they pop an oxygen mask on me, hook me up with a blood pressure monitor on my left arm, along with a heart rate monitor on my right finger, then tourniquet my arm so they can stick an IV in there, which surprisingly for me, didn't really hurt at all. like, a ridiculous amount less than the classic finger prick thing they usually do at my doctor's appointments. It was... fun? i vaguely remember asking about everything in the room, like, whats that for whats this for whats that noise what does that do what do those do whats that one??? kind of deal. then they stuck some weird medicine in my IV that made my butt itch and i was OUTTTTTTTTT. It was... interesting. next thing i know i'm waking up and being told to keep my eyes open, dear. then apparently they stuck me in a wheel chair and got me out to the car, where i slept for a pleasant amount of time, even after i got home. sooooooooo yyyyyyyyyyyyyepppppppppppppppp.

PS. lortab is good. very good. i like it quite a bit.

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