Thursday, July 7, 2011

Growed-Up.... and NORA!!

I'm graduating (most likely) in less than a year, kids.


But in order to start feeling slightly less unprepared and terrified, I've started doing a lot of research on what to do in a post-bachelor-degree-life. I've begun looking up apartment prices for places I might want to live, and researching career options and things that interest me.

I realized that unless I get a job right off that pays pretty dang well, I will probably need a roommate... I'm not sure there's actually anyone in the area that I would actually want to live with me. I've gotten so comfortable with the people I live with now, and don't really want to have to adjust to a new living situation... even though it has to happen eventually. Boo. But it would cut my rent in half, which would be... a little bit fabulous.

Basically, I am doing grown up things and I do not like it. But it is also exciting at the same time. Mixxxed feelings.
Outsiders thoughts, hmm? All are welcome.

In other news:


Nora Denise Paulukaitis
Born: 7-7-11, 2am ish.
Weighed 7lbs 14 oz

She has that ever-so-famous Paulukaitis big head.

I'm mucho excited to go and visit her and the other little chilrens in August, in only about a month or so now!! :]

Hurrah for Israel.

That is all.

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