Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'd prefer not to spill all my dirty little secrets, K Thanks.

Last night, I was invited to go to a Tumbling Gym with some friends. I politely declined, and when urged, informed them that if I went to a tumbling gym, I would undoubtedly hurt myself in some way or another.
My statement was scoffed away and dismissed easily. I told them that no no, it is indeed true.
And it is.
The last time I went to a tumbling gym and actually, well, TUMBLED, I jolted my body so severely upon landing in the foam pit that I got WHIPLASH.
Its true.
In fact, I had a minor concussion, and the doctor the next day told me my back was "uncontrollably emitting spasms every three mintues or so" causing me extreme pain in my upper and lower back, neck, and shoulders.
No, I wasn't hospitalized. Yes, I'm probably being slightly dramatic.
He did prescribe me painkillers and muscle relaxers.
You know what happens to me when I'm on muscle relaxers?
I've been prescribed muscle relaxers twice this past academic year, within months of each other. Once when I strained my shoulder from overuse, and again after the tumbling incident.
Muscle relaxers have a funny effect on me. I always start to get terribly tired, often extremely nauseated, and according to my roommate, ex boyfriend, and a couple other friends, extraordinarily loopy.
Ames, the roommate, tells me that I have actually spilled secrets to her while under their influence. Will she tell me what they are? Nope. Not at all. Which means she is either lying, or they are really, REALLY good ones.
So no, my dear friends. I will not go to the Tumbling Gym with you, because I do not need to give my roommate any more dirt on me than she already supposedly has.
But thanks for the invite.

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Deb in GA said...

Whoa. Smart move, Mija. No tumbling those secrets right outta your body....