Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Hoopla

Several semi exciting things have been happening lately.

For one thing, the coolest aunt in the world got a new iPhone 4s, and sent me her old iPhone 4. Which I'm wiring this post from right now. For shiz lagit.

Also, it's Halloweeny time. Woohoo! For me, this involved many caffeinated beverages, sewing a red cape for my costume, spending three collective hours curling my hair on Friday and Saturday, going to the Alpine Village free college dance party, dressing up for work, drinking more caffeine, blue contacts, and another 120 mg of caffeine to top off Monday morning. Oh, and somehow waking up today with several visible fingernail scratches on my back.

I'm classy like that. Problem is, all this caffeine makes me often completely forget to eat. Oops.

Don't even actually know what I'll end up doing tonight. Surprises are always fun I suppose. Who knows!

Anyways, Ames and I were little red riding hood and robin hood. And we live in the glenhood. There are a lot of hoods involved. Probably some hoodrats too, as our friend R.J. would say.

I hope everyone's Halloween has been extra delightful! I'm missing my nieces and nephew back in GA right now, so here's a shutout to those lil nuggets: Jimbo, Lizbiz, and Bean. See you at Christmas, munchkins!! :D

Ps Wendy.... We the people of Utah demand many photos of their Halloweeny costumed ness. Cept Maybe my roommates. I think they're tired of me going, 'Look look!! How cute!!' but who cares what those schmucks think. Your kids rock.

That is all.

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