Friday, May 1, 2009

AKEBs only the Shadow knows

That's the technical full name of the only dog I ever owned. His name stands for "Adam-Kelly-Erin-Brynna only the shadow knows," given to us when i was little, mabe 5 or something, i'm not sure, by my aunt Karen. He was a hyper little munchkin, and kind of aggressive towards others, besides us, his family, of course. Eventually we gave him back to my aunt so that she could raise him and train him better. He became a really successful agility dog, and went on to win awards and competitions and whatnot. He retired after a while, and lived with my aunt and her other 3 schnauzers. We would go and visit every year at the fourth of July in Huntsville, Alabama where we have a bunch of family, and me and my older sister usually stay with my aunt, and we would all get to see him. He did still recognize us every time, and was always sweet and affectionate towards us. He was getting to be an old fart though, and his kidneys were suffering from old age and other medical issues. The other day, I got an email from my Aunt that told us that he finally passed away. Just thought I would put a shortish post up here to commemorate him. Little Shadow, you were a booger but we loved you! :)

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