Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hint Hint

Due to an experience I have had the displeasure of having recently, I would just like to give a few tips to guys out there.

Asking a girl if she has a boyfriend when you met her that day, CREEPY.

Talking to a girl everytime you're on facebook, CREEPY.

Following a girl around at a party as she tries to stick to her friends and NOT sit with you and talk to you, CREEPY.

Following a girl outside as she talks on the phone, CREEPY.

Standing there and watching a girl talk on the phone for about 10 minutes, MAJORLY FREAKING CREEPY.

Not realizing when you are being creepy, and instead messaging the girl the next day and telling her about how you would 'love to see her again," once more, MAJORLY FREAKING FREAKING FREAKING CREEPY.

Let the lesson be learned. Ye who are creepy STRESS PEOPLE OUT.

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