Sunday, April 4, 2010


Oh Easter. Easteryeaster day.
This morning, I woke up and went into the living room to watch General Conference, and much to my surprise, I found a bunch of robin's eggs, toffees, and hershey kisses hidden in little nooks and crannies all over the living room, the kitchen, the hallway, and even a few in the bathroom. I about freaked out and was like, "THE EASTER BUNNY CAME!!" Hahaha.... It was grand. Anyhoo. Anatomy of Easter for ya:

Easter is 20 % this:
And 20 % this:
But really, it is 100 % this:
"Death is conquered, man is free; Christ has won the victory!"

Let's all remember the true message of the Holiday in reverence. :)

Happy Easter to everyone!!

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