Thursday, April 8, 2010


I was walking through the Wilkinson Center yesterday afternoon, kind of in a hurry so I could catch my bus. As I walked through the terrace, people were lunching and doing homework and socializing, as per usual. As I passed by one table that housed two girls about my age, I couldn't help but notice what they were eating.

It was a cupcake. A red velvet cupcake. Okay okay, cool, I like cupcakes, Everyone likes cupcakes.

...They had SPLIT the cupcake.

Who DOES that????? Seriously?? Who SPLITS a cupcake?? They're small enough as it is!

Not only that, but they had split the cupcake... into QUARTERS.

ONE cupcake. FOUR pieces. And half of it was just sitting on the little wrapper while they talked.

You can't be serious.

You're going to buy a nice, fancy, two dollar cupcake, and then eat a QUARTER of it??

You, my friend, are a Freak.

That is all.

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