Monday, February 28, 2011

Nekkid means you're not wearing clothes. Naked means you're doing something naughty.

Thats just a charming opinion and philosophy from a friend from home.

But seriously, folks.

Have you ever gotten a massage?

Like, a professional one?

Because I have.

And it. is. fabulous.

My roommates and I went to a Massage College this weekend, where they are having a limited time 2-for1 deal on full body massages. There was a 2 hour wait, but we just went out to breakfast and to the store while we waited, and got back right as it was our turn.

It was mine and Amy's first time ever having gotten a massage, and we thoroughly loved it. Really a fantastic experience.

But if you think about the concept of a massage out of context, it is quite a questionable deed.

I mean, really.

Someone you don't know tells you to take your clothes off.
You lie nekkid on a table with only a sheet over you as a stranger feels you up.
Sometimes the stranger even.... beats you.
And you PAY for this?!

It all sounds rather sketchy, if you know what I mean.

That is, unless you have experienced it personally.

And let me tell you--

I can think of no better weekend leisurely activity than stripping down for that strange lady to grease me up and rub me down.
Purely therapeutically speaking, that is.

... I recommend the massage.


Wendy said...

That does sound so nice! One day when I am as rich and beautiful as you I will get one. Being Nekkid for a stranger maybe okay if it feels nice as you say. Christmes present!

Sandra said...

Man, I'd LOVE to lay nekkid on some table right now with only a sheet over me while random stranger rubs me all made me need a massage girl!