Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ode to the Most Important Male Creature in my Life.

Captain Phil has, unfortunately, passed away.
To learn more about the nest generation of crabbies, please see HERE.

Its that time of year when we all start thinking about that special someone who just gets you to smile when no one else can. That one guy or girl that keeps you on your toes, that you care for so gosh darn much.
I would like to dedicate this post to the newest and greatest man (well, sort of) in my life:
My Hermit Crab: Captain Phil.
This is my hermit crab Captain Phil.

Just look at him. He really is a little stud, right??!

Action shot. IN MOTION!

Captain Phil is my little hermit crab child thing.

He has been an important part of my life for, oh, about 5 weeks now.

He was adopted from a large tank of other hermit crab children, but specially chosen for his activeness and personality after staring and poking at the tank for well over an hour... True Story.

Captain Phil is named for THIS Captain Phil, of the TV show "The Deadliest Catch." Captain Phil is one of the ship captains of the main boat of the show, who sadly died last year whilst on the job. Thus the name, The Deadliest Catch.
Phil's namesake.
See the similarities?

His name was my father's idea. A few popular backup names that were being seriously considered include:

Pedro Octavius Orson Paulukaitis, or POOP for short
Big Fat Guy
Little Old Fart.

Obviously, Captain Phil won out.
Thanks, Dad.

Some of Captain Phil's hobbies incluse digging holes in the sand of his cage, pulling his water dish on top of himself and ten falling asleep, climing on top of his water dish and sitting on his sponge for an hour at a time, sitting in people's pockets, trying to walk off the edge of my bed, and attempting to burrow down in between the souch cushions. And, of course, falling asleep on his momma. AKA meeeeeeeee. :)

I am a great hermit crab momma. Even his 'grandparents' know so. A few days after I got him, I was skyping with my mom, showing off her 'grandcrab.' as she likes to call him. She informed me that she would read him a story. She then proceeded to read aloud, showing the pictures and everything, "All my Friends are Dead," by Avery Monsen and Jory John.
The best part of the scenario? As she was reading to him, He crawled up on my shirt and fell asleep all shnuggled up on me.


It was all too precious.

My father is coming to Mormontown to visit soon, since he has to be in Salt Lake for training for some something something something calling blah blah. So, he too will soon be able to visit his GrandCrab and bond with Phil. Perhaps I will take a family photo.

Phil atop Clark the bicycle enjoying a leisurely ride.

Phil has several other adopted human family members as well. Such as a baby daddy, godfather, a few weird uncles, and some lovely aunts/roommates of mine.
Basically, everyone loves Captain Phil. And you should too. And if you don't, just come to Glenhood someday soon to visit, and I will be happy to introduce you.
And then... you too will fall in love. LOVE. ..........love.

Phil aspires to one day be able to type 92 wpm, just like his momma.

Thats mah boy.

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Sparcam said...

Okay, Erin...for once (and Wendy can attest to this fact) I am speechless! I would have chosen Pooter.