Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Bishop is cooler than Your Bishop

Last night I was talking to my bishop.
He asked me how the 'boys situation' is.
I responded with an "Ehh, A'ight" type of answer.
This is what he did next:

"Erin, hold up your full fist there."
I clenched my hand and lifted it up in front of me.
"Yeah, that looks pretty good. Ok, here's what you do.
To any guys that don't treat you right, you have my permission to give them a black eye."
We laughed, and continued our conversation.
A few minutes later, as we were finishing, he stopped me.

"Hold up that fist again."
I did. He lifted his fist as well.
A very serious look came upon his face.
"Now this may just be the father in me talking, but if you ever need me to, I'll personally give any guy a black eye for you. Just say the word and its done."

In conclusion, my Bishop is awesome.

That is all.

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