Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Heads up: This post has a nasty-nast photo.

Well I started out the morning in an utterly delightful manner.

Most people that know me know that I am very.... shall we say, accident prone.

I was biking to work, as I usually do. I bike through Helaman Halls here on campus, which is also where all the EFY and Sports Camps kids are being housed this summer. Now I usually see at least a few of them on the sidewalks or whatever in the morning, reading their little scriptures and writing in their little journals, but today there was an inordinate amount ALL over EVERY sidwalk and pathway that I usually take to get up to work.

So I maneuvered slowly and deliberately through the children types, and finally reached a place where I thought I could bike without worrying about hitting them. So I got on and started pedaling, but about 30 seconds later, my foot slipped, and I felt the bike tipping to one side. I let out an unidentified expletive, and crashed to the ground while simultaneously still moving forward. The result was the entire left side of my forearm receiving a sizable smack, scrape, and bruising, and as I would discover not long afterwards, a gash that goes from my elbow to the middle of my arm.


After a couple more unidentified expletives, I saw one of the EFY counselors making his way over. I thought to myself, "Oh, thats just what I need. A bunch of 14 year olds staring at me as their counselor saves the day." So I brushed him off with a wave and "I'm fine, I'm fine," As a few sports camps 16 year olds passed me by, asking if I was alright. I'm not one to admit I ever need help, so I brushed them off too, and pushed my bike the rest of the ten minutes to work, since apparently the chain popped off its doo-hickey, so it was temporarily unrideable.

At work, I spent a good 20 minutes alone trying to wash the black of the pavement off my arm and out of my openly bleeding arm. Now, I'm extremely blood and needle phobic, so a couple times I got kind of faint from just looking at it, and had to sit down.


All in all, I ended up having to go to the Creamery on 9th to get gauze and tape, since all we have in the office is 3/4 inch bandaids. I spent the entire first hour at work trying to fix myself. Hah. At least I was clocked in.

In conclusion, I would just like to add that Hydrogen Peroxide hurts like a mother.

That is all.

Oh oh, wanna see it??

This is of my bruised and scraped up hand. Its not super clear, cause I used my cell phone camera, but hopefully you can at least see the discoloration and some scrapes.

Annnd this is my beautiful wound.

I likes it.

Buuut its gross.

Oh wellll.

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