Thursday, February 2, 2012

Erin's Whimsical Wishlist.

I would like to announce a new feature on Turtle Belt.

Introducing..... Erin's Whimsical Wishlist.

This is where I shall announce the strange, bizarre, and otherwise awkward items that I stumble across on the internets, and share them with the rest of the internets. And occasionally, when finances permit, purchase one and even share my experience via photos. It will be grand.

Today's whimsical wishlist brought to you from "" and ""


Giant Plush Gallbladder
I will hug her and love her and call her Hortencia, and she shall be mine. And she shall be my Hortencia.

Bacon Bandaids
This would certainly bring a new sass and style to my constant accidental self inflicted wounds.

Nice Jewish Guys Calendar
I may not be Jewish, but oy vey.

Shark Attack! Mug
heh. heh heh. heh.

Taco Purse
asdf;lkjasdf;kjasdf;ljk. yeah.

Like and Dislike Stamp Set
I'm pretty sure I would use these more on people's foreheads than on actual things.
I own none of the above photographs, and am in no way compensated by the aforementioned websites, except for in my dreams. In my dreams, they give me lots of money and free things and then I roll around in a big pile of money and then the CEO's and I have a lovely cup of tea together and discuss Sumatrian politics. Also, I can fly.

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