Friday, September 7, 2012

I have a problem.

I have a very intense desire to dye my hair a ridiculous color. 

Darn you, Pinterest. You always make me want to do something awesome, but taunt me with the fact that I just can't.

Why, you may ask? 

(Well, my mother is probably reading this and saying something about me looking like a goth or punk etc etc for wanting to do so.) 

I think it is relatively clear that if I actually went out and did this on a wim, that it would more or less (a little bit more than less) a complete and total career killer. 

Soooooo, Unless I got a job as an eclectic artist of some sort, I probably couldn't get away with this. Especially not as a receptionist in uptown Atlanta. 

I say PROBABLY..... maybe I can sweet talk my boss. 

Pretty sure I'm his favorite anyways. 

Which is your favorite? Which (hypothetically speaking of course) would look coolest with mah face? 

I'm partial to the shades of purple right now. I had a pink streak and a burgundy streak once upon a time. Alas, no more. It was just a charming shade of womp womp brown til I smacked some dye on top of this biznatch. Now its a rather lovely "Maple Brown." Or so says the label on the box from the drugstore. 

Classy. Like a boss. 

1 comment:

Wendy said...

i like the red and also the blue updo.