Tuesday, October 23, 2012


A couple nights ago, I was bored and flicking through various documentaries on Netflix. I started watching "Forks Over Knives" because I'd heard it was a good film, done by James Cameron and whatnot.

Turns out, it really does make a very compelling argument for veganism/whole foods/etc. I texted a friend that happens to be a vegan, and was telling him about my curiosity. He sent me a few videos, etc.

Now, I get emails from PETA regularly, but thats really just because I like their stickers they send me once a year for free. They make me giggle. And as a consequence of this, Ive seen more than a couple of bizarre, graphic videos detailing "exploitation" of animals and cruelty, etc etc. You know the kind. I've never really bought into it anyways, though I'm not really sure why not. I guess I just like giving people the benefit of the doubt, including the farming industry. Or something. Whatever.

Anyways, I watched this one video in particular. I've embedded it here, just for kicks and giggles. It's lengthy, but still an interesting watch. It's from a guest lecturer at Georgia Tech a couple of years ago.

Well, thanks to the compelling arguments and evidence set forth by my friends and the internet, I'm going to start trying for a while to not eat meat. Now, I don't know that I would ever become a full fledged, full-on vegan, because.... cheese. Nom. But I  have already gone extensive amounts of time before without eating meat, or even really thinking about it.

How do you know I'm legit about this? Well, let me tell you.

Today at work, I turned down a free chicken biscuit from Chik Fil A.

Its like... I don't even know who I am anymore.

Who am I??


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Amber Whiteley said...

erin, no joke, I watched that same movie and I'm now vegan. well, sort of. I force myself to be vegan on weekdays and then on weekends, I'll have some meat but only in moderation.
I don't recognize myself either.