Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dear People of the World.

Take note.
I don't like being called "Ern."
It is not a flattering nickname. I don't find pleasure in answering to it. I don't, really.
Ernie is a different matter. You are only allowed to call me Ernie if you are one of my younger siblings.
I mean, come on. Isn't "Erin" short enough already? Are you too lazy to pronounce both syllables? Do you have something against the letter "i?"
The vowels are offended by your poor attitude, and so am I.

So please, people of the world. I have a name. Its Erin.
If you want to come up with something better, feel free. By all means, have at it. Just make sure it fits my pimpin self, and we'll be good.


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