Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This is my life.

There are a few things in my life that just make me feel... well, odd.

For example, I was watching the Bachelorette last week, [wahoo, the bachelorette, love love love love love it it it it it] and I suddenly realized that some of the guys that the girl Ali is dating on the show are the same age as many of the guys that I have dated at school, at home, etc, and that I actually have friends older than some of them. WEIRD.

I'm going to be two decades old this August. I choose to say 'two decades' over 'twenty years' because I feel like 'two decades' sounds much more sophisticated. Or something like that. I don't know.

I was at Target the other day, and I bought my own toothpaste. This makes me a big girl, if you wanted to know.

It is invigorating to know that I am going to be living with 5 completely new people come the time I return to Utah. It's like gambling. Playing roulette. I practically get high off of meeting new people and getting to start over. This sounds like I am on drugs. Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. I don't know. WoooooOOOOOoooooOOOoOOoOOoooooOOOo...!

Did you ever realize that when you say the word "funk" enough times, It starts to cound really funny? Its the same wiht pretty much any word, actually, like basting or eleven or maroon.

I'm tired. Nighty night world.

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