Thursday, June 24, 2010

TurtleBelt votes YES on Zach Anner. And you should too.

So, as many of you may know, Oprah is finally nearing the end of her show.

So, Before the rest of the signs of the Apocalypse manifest themselves on our earth, The Opes is going to give someone their own show.

People have been submitting videos to the Oprah website, trying to get the world to vote for them and make their little dreamy dreams a reality, via Oprah and her intensely magnificent power of the internets and television.

I stumbled upon Zach Anner's submission, and, my interest piqued, went to youtube to find out more.


Not kidding you.

I hold my own opinion pretty highly. Probably because it is my own. But I am pretty cool. I mean, just read my blog. The title of it is freaking "As Happy as a Turtle on a Conveyor Belt." You really cant get much cooler than that. Therefore, my opinion holds some weight. at least to the 14 people that read my blog. I'd like to think so anyways. So about Zach.

He has cerebral palsy, and is generally confined to a wheelchair, but that doesn't make a whole lot of difference. He has a ridiculously awesome sense of humor, and has literally made me laugh out loud genuinely for the first time in a while.

There are all these rumor circulating about how he's going to win purely because of the pity vote because of his condition.

Hello, Stupid People. Cerebral Palsy is purely a physical condition, which has literally no effect on one's mental capabilities. Its not like he has Down's syndrome. He's seriously clever, and hilarious, and I have found that I adore him.

Not to mention, as I have been informed, cerebral palsy is the sexiest of all palsies.

Whats not to like?

Please go and vote for him ASAP, this guy soooo deserves to have his own tv show. And John Mayer offered to write him a theme song if he wins. And me likey John Mayer. A lot.

Zach, if you and your cohorts ever find yourselves in the Salt Lake City, Utah area during the school year, or the Atlanta, Georgia area during the summer, We can go to Olive Garden.

Peace Out, A-Town Down.

.....if, by some freakish stretch of the imagination, Zach Anner ends up reading this and I find out somehow, I might just have a joygasm.

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