Thursday, July 8, 2010

Traumatic Newsbreak in Progress.

I was chatting it up with my brother, dearest Adam of the Paulukaiti Clan.

Somehow or another we ended up talking about our heritage and genealogy.

As you probably know, I am very proud of my Lithuanian heritage, and of everything around it. I'm pretty Lithuanian-- My great grandfather, father of my grandfather, came over on a boat and whatnot.

But, as I was discussing with my elder brother, it turns out that I am something more than Lithuanian.


I am Irish. I am VERY Irish, as it turns out.

In FACT, I am MORE Irish than I am Lithuanian!!!!



Adam said...

You must not forget to mention that our grandfather's MOTHER also came over on the boat from old country. That means he was American-made with 100% Lithuanian parts. Likewise our grandmother was American-made with 100% Irish parts.

It's those couple of 17th century immigrants from Donegal on Mom's side who threw off the mix, my sister.

One too many Lucky Charms in the melting pot....

Adam said...

I still think we are more Lithuanian, from a "cultural standpoint." We also speak more Lithuanian than Irish Gaelic, so there are two points Lithuania's favor.

The Boob Nazi said...

Hey, my great grandpa came over from Lithuania too!!! He and his brother snuck by the Russian army by having his brother dress like a girl and dance for them. SERIOUSLY.