Monday, November 15, 2010

Grizzly Bear for Office 2012

My dear elder brother Adam posted a link to a video a while ago, demonstrating how Christine O'Donnell doesn't know the constitution or something.

I don't really like getting political. But I'm going to get BEARY political here for a moment today.

Amidst the debating and arguing and observing over what the woman who "Is Not a Witch" said and did during this debate with her opponent, I made a few observations and suggestions of my own. For example:

Erin i don't like either one here. i think they are both trying to make personal jabs at one another here.
stupid politics. let's just all elect a panda bear. everyone loves those.

Adam As long as the panda bear is not endorsed by Sarah Palin I'm all for your proposal.

Come to think of it, I do have an opinion. I think that a panda bear would not be the wisest choice for a U.S. political office, on accounta the panda bear's nationality would probably be questioned, and we don't want no drama. So, we should ...probably elect a grizzly bear instead, who will then declare marshal law, because thats what grizzly bears do, then we can all duke it out like civilized folk did back in the olden days.
I knew a grizzly bear would be a safe bet, because a Kodiak Bear would most likely be endorsed by Sarah Palin, and we certainly can't have that, now can we.

So On that note, ladies and gentlemen, I propose for you a new candidate.

Grizzly Bear for Office, 2012

Stay Tuned to the Turtle Belt for more information on this exciting new candidate.

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Deb in GA said...

Don't we already have them on Wall Street?