Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why should you vote for the Grizzly Bear?

1. Grizzly Bear is not a panda, or from Kenya. There is no debate about Grizzly Bear's nationality. Grizzly is 100% American fierce.

2. Grizzly Bear believes in some degree of Anarchy, so you can work out your own problems.

3. If you are unable to work out your problems, Grizzly Bear is happy to declare Martial Law, then maul you and your problems away.

4. Grizzly Bear does not believe in money or debt. Grizzly Bear only believes in fish. And pain.

5. Grizzly Bear will eat terrorism.

6. Grizzly Bear is not affiliated with any particular political party. Therefore, Grizzly Bear= Better than any other dumb bucket candidate.

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