Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beware, facebook stalking potential mates.

Today, I was talking to my roommates about the not-so-flattering photos of us up on facebook.
I mentioned that my brother, Adam, recently tagged me in all of his old photo albums from up to 5 years ago, AND my mother has also put up her fair share of dated pictures of my siblings and I, thus giving the world access to my awkward early teenage years of braces, red crimped hair, and baggy sweaters.

One of the girls thoughtfully said, "Well, you can untag yourself, you know."

I pondered for a moment, then responded aptly.

"Yeah, I could. But really, I have no shame anymore.

Plus, if a guy is stalking me on facebook, I want him to be able to see that side of me, back in the day as a tot. Its like, my way of warning him, 'Hey. If we got married, our kids might come out lookin funny like I used to. Just a heads up, there could be some buck teeth in your future posterity.'

I mean, I know I look pretty good NOW, so, I'm not really too worried."

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Deb in GA said...

►You did NOT have buck teeth.◄ There is 1 single picture where it looks like your teeth MIGHT be like that but that is one. single. picture. You totally had normal teeth. Seriously, go back and look at them in the early pics. Don't go getting all CRAZY, weirdo, self-obsessed, or ennythang...Ω{~¿~}Ω