Sunday, September 12, 2010

A big ol' chunk of my life, in photos.

I bet you're wondering, as you read these various posts I write, Who exactly is this Erin type person? Where does she come from? What did she look like a a young tot, perhaps?

Well, get ready to find out, kids. Because I'm treating you to some ravishing photos of my life in pictures.
On August30, 1990, I was born. It was, like, wonderful.
I looked like a fat Chinese infant for much of my infancy. But I like to think I was a cute lil nugget too.
This is me as a lil toddler, with my elder brother, sister, and mother. Please observe the charming outfits worn by all. Also, the pigtails. Those will make several repeat appearances throughout the lifetime shown here.A little later as a toddler, I found myself immersed in the Hawaiian culture. I have been incredibly culture (and beach conscious) ever since.
Once again, Here I am, being, in my dear friend Trey's words, "A lil nugget."
As a child. I found myself prone to thinking up many philosophies and ideas in my spare time, encouraging my wit and quickness of mind.
I also began to gather an even more impressive sense of style, of which people would be jealous for the duration of my childhood.
At the ripe age of 5, I began my dance career in a tap/ballet class, that only endured for a matter of weeks, and after my final recital, that was the end of that.

Please take note, that this is the only photo from my middle school years that I have allowed to be put online. Why, you ask? Because so began the awkward years of my life, enduring for QUITE a while. Please note the attractive buck teeth.

The following photo is one taken on a rather odd Sunday Afternoon, when my younger siblings and I created a band entitled "The Stinky Bunny, in which I dubbed myself Lead Singer, "La'Tisha." Caution: What is shown below here is not pretty. Just warning you ahead of time.
Fortunately, by the time I reached High School, I had started to, how do you say, "Grow a Personality."
This personality was encouraged by joining Theatre at my High School, and performing in many musicals from there on out.
It ought to be mentioned as well, that I went through a "Really really really, obscene big baggy sweaters" phase, in which I wore my older sister's hoodies constantly, and even purchased a drama sweater two sizes too large in order to continue my hefty sweater obsession.
In addition, I was dying my hair auburn as well. And I didn't seem to know how to style it. And I had braces. STOP JUDGING ME.
Eventually, I began experimenting with my hair, and started attempting to dress like a regular person. I went through some setbacks, such as crimping that bright red hair of mine, before ginally settling on straightening it, and cutting it, alternating for years between long and short hair.
Short Hairs
Long Hairs
At some point between the two stages of hair, I went to Brighman Young University in Provo, Utah.
And the rest is history.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the Life of Erin. Coming soon to a computer screen near you.


Yes, I Am Blond said...

Can't wait for more!

Muddy said...
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Muddy said...

What a cute girl you are! I remember when you were a little delicate, skinny child. Your mom would give you a small bunch of grapes and you ever-so-carefully picked each grape off to eat it then threw the leftover stick away in the trash -- this was pretty amazing for a 2 year old. You liked a bigger variety of foods than your pickier older siblings. I also remember when you wanted me to flip you upside-down every time you came to visit. You were (and are) a lot of fun. (From Terry, Muddy's Pet Human)