Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I may have found my archnemesis.

You may remember from a little while ago, when I wrote about how I needed an archnemesis.

Well, good news.

I think I may have found one.

Let me expound.

I'm currently enrolled in a Spanish Linguistics class for this fall semester. The class is actually a really interesting one, and I really enjoy it. I have a great professor and everything, so its a recipe for success, right??


The first day of class, I noticed that there were some people in there.

You know the type. The type that laughs at every tiny little stupid joke the teacher makes. The ultimate suck ups. The ones that feel the need to comment on every point made, the types who try to correct everyone else, The ones who like to pretend they already know everything.

Yeah, you know the kind.

Heck, maybe you ARE the kind.

In particular, in these last two weeks of class I've noticed that there is one girl in particular that I have grown into an intense dislike for. I don't know her name, and I don't want to.

Today, for example, in class we were talking about the difference between prescriptivism nd descriptivism in language (I cam actually a closet nerd, you see) She started out before class even began, talking about how she grew up in a family that was apparently very grammar conscious, whining about how her dad would always correct them when they made a slight grammatical error while talking, such as "Can i go to the bathroom?" "I don't know, can you?" And continually talking about how annoying it was to be corrected like that, then proceeding to comment on everyone's homework that she could see form her desk. "Oh no, that's not right, its this way." "No, that descriptive, which is not the correct answer." "Well, you wouldn't say Can you make a copy for I, would you? No, It would be 'me.'" Interestingly enough, she decided to add that, although apparently her whole family is incredibly "grammatically conscious," none of them seem to be able to spell.

I wanted to punch her in the face within 4 minutes of entering the classroom.

We also all had the good fortune of hearing her give the EXACT SAME examples of her trialed upbringing throughout class, all accompanied with a snooty air and a know-it-all tone to her voice. But the final straw was when we were debating double negatives.

Bear with me. I understand that I am turning into more and more of a nerd each day of my life, but please try to understand my anger here.

She, being the ultimate all knowing grammar wise woman that she think she is, said that in any and all cases, logically a double negative would actually become a positive, because you're negating the first negative with the second one. If that makes any sense. I don't know. Anyways, she was very vehement about being right on this one, once AGAIN citing her "strict father" as the reason why she knows this.

I decided to jump in with my own opinion, saying something about how a double negative can just emphasize the fact that the statement is negative. Basically, I just tried to spit out something that was the exact opposite of what she said.

Guess who the teacher sided with and agreed with completely?


This is when I decided that she was my long awaited archnemesis.

I look forward to Monday when I can once again debate every single point she makes.

And who knows? Maybe someday we can both don tights and capes and duke it out physically.

I would win.


Because I'm feisty.

Yep. I just went there.

Did I mention she has a stupid haircut?
Because she does.

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Tiffy J. said...

Can I come to class when you don tights and duke it out physically?
because I think I would like to see that.
as well as her stupid haircut. People with bad haircuts make me laugh.