Friday, November 11, 2011

Aw, poo.

I feel like a ninny.

I read a lot of blogs. I have a lot of free time when work is not busy to read blogs. Don't judge me, ok?

Well, I really like reading other people's vintage/fashion/accesory/DIY/sewing/craftypants blogs. Yet I don't do any of these things myself.

I am a facsimile of a sham.


I really do enjoy reading those people's blogs, but they make me look at the outfit I chose for the day and I end up thinking things like:

" Oops. These pants are a size too big.

Is it really business casual if I throw on a skirt with this band t-shirt?

I guess I'll wear my hair straight today......... again.

Good heavens. I own about 500 t-shirts. "

I used to think that I don't have any style at all. But then I realized, I do have a sense of style. It's called t-shirts and jeans. And as lame and boring as that may be, that's what I wear, because its what I feel comfortable in.

Now my sunday clothes, what I wear to church-- now THAT is a different story. I have a certain affinity for 5-inch heels and quirky dresses. Sundays are where I get interesting.

Maybe some day these blogs will inspire me to actually do something intersting with my clothes. Maybe someday.

And then I'll remember how much I like that spiderman tee, and those ripped up too-big jeans, and I'll end up right back here.

In the comfy zone.

You know, I think I'm okay with that.

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