Monday, November 28, 2011

Sometimes life really sucks.

Sometimes, You just have one of those weekends that could have been great, but ends up sucking miserably once Monday comes around.

I'm feeling terribly stressed out and on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

I need a way to calm the heck down and get out of the stress of school and work and insensitive people and everything combining all into one.

Not to mention, Goober died this weekend. I cried.

I really do think that Optimus misses him. They were always crawling around next to each other, and i think they had a brotherly bond of sorts. They always, and I mean literally ALWAYS, slept next to each other during the day. When I would bring them out and put them on the ground, they would crawl away but then back towards each other. Optimus came out a little slower when I took him out yesterday, and seemed almost resigned to crawl around on my hand. He kept crawling up next to me and nudging against my hand when I would place him on the ground until I would pick him up again. He crawled up my arm to my shoulder just to sit and watch, burrowing into my hair. It was tender and sad. I put him back on my hand to put him back in the tank, but he gripped onto my hand and clamped down on it with his little legs, not pinching, just refusing. When I coaxed him off, he immediately crawled into the corner next to Ninja, my roommate's crab, and scurried over and around him, settling down with their shells touching, just like he and Goober used to sleep.

 It might seem stupid to some people, but I really do love my hermit crabs. They are my pets, and my babies, and whatever. They may not be like a dog or a cat to you, but they are special to me in their own way and I really care about them.

I want to be done with school. I want to not worry about passing grades and tests and group projects and research papers and assignments and whatever else. I only have one semester left after this and I only want to get through it. But I'm awful at coping with stress and anger and frustration and stress and more stress.

I need a breath.

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