Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh hai, 2012. What up.

So. Its 2012 now.

Two thousand and twelve years.


2011.... yep, its gone now.

Which begs the question,

What exactly did I accomplish and or gain in 2011?

Peh. Probably not terribly much. But lets see anyways, just for kicks and giggles.

I lived in the same place for an entire year and then some. Oh Glenhood, you have been pretty good to me for the most part. Amy and Fe have been aight roommates, at least in comparison to those of questionable nature I have had in the past. So... yay.

Four hermit crabs crawled their way into my heart... then three of them departed upsettedly. But none made such a great impact as Captain Phil, the ill fated and adorable first of the Paulukaitis Hermit Crab Legacy. He is sorely missed, as are Nilla and Goober. But we're glad to have Optimus Prime and Madam Claw, along with their tankmates Xena Warrior Princess, Ninja, and Nixon.

I became a self-proclaimed hermit crab enthusiast. I even gave my brother and sister each their own hermit crab for Christmas when I went home to GA. They named them Rose and Crabby Wan Kenobi.
I'm so proud of my fam.

I got a new job. I have happily worked at BYUIS for over a year now, and I quite like it. Its fun times with good people, and I enjoy what I do. I like helping people solve their problems. Its fulfilling.

Now I guess I ought to accomplish something in 2012.

But what, praytell?

Get a Big Girl job. Not that the jobs I have held up until this point aren't completely legitimate, but once I graduate, I won't be able to work on campus anymore. So I'm going to need to get a real people grown up job. Dang, how I will miss the sheltered student life.

That's another thing-- graduate. I'm going to graduate from college in April. Holy crap.
And again, I reiterate:
HOLY CRAP. I'm going to freakin GRADUATE.
Well 4 years goes by quicker than one might anticipate.

Move. I'm most certainly planning on moving out of Provo/Utah once I finish school. Most likely back to Georgia.
Although, If I happened to get a coveted flight attendant job, I will likely relocate again. Some hypothetical situations would involve Dallas, Newark, Chicago, or Las Vegas. Who the heck knows where I'll end up. I'm certainly looking forward to figuring it out.

Go to California. I've never been to California, you know. And I might actually get to go there too, for the first time this year. When I graduate, my parents are coming out, and we're apparently all meeting up with my dad's cousins in Sacramento, whom he hasn't seen in fourty-some-odd years. So that could be highly entertaining, and will at least be an adventure of some kind.

Get a dog.
Now this will depend on what kind of job I get, and hours I end up working, etc. But I firmly resolve that, if it is within my financial and physical capabilities, that I will adopt a dog this year. I freakin want one. You don't even know.

And last, and most importantly,
Go to Harry Potter World in Florida.
I've never been.
I was one of those kids that used to read the books behind my textbooks in fifth grade and had outfits and parties devoted to the cause. My sister and I had a Harry Potter themed birthday party before all the Harry Potter themed merchandise even came out. Like a boss. I was one of those kids that went to each midnight book opening and dressed up for all of them, shamelessly.
Sorry, what was that? You weren't one of those kids?
Sucks for you. My life is awesome.
And I swear I will get to Harry Potter World somehow.

Auuuld Lang Syne, blah de blah blah blah. Happy New Year, folks.

Now excuse me while I go attend my LAST first day of classes.

Like a boss.

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