Sunday, January 17, 2010

Its times like this that I really like sharing a bedroom.

Bless her heart. Missy just talked in her sleep again. It was awesome.

This time, she just now literally said “You’re my partner for laptop.”

I thought she’d woken up and I said, “What??”

“You’re my partner for laptop.”

“Missy, what are you talking about, dear.”

“Like, you have a laptop and I have a laptop.”

By now I’m giggling like a maniac. She sounds a little upset and goes “What?”

“Nothing, dear. Go back to sleep.”


Love her.

The last time she talked in her sleep, the following conversation ensued:

So she sort of half sat up and was mumbling something. I said, "What? What did you say missy?"

And she goes, *mumble mumble Angel*

What was that, Missy?

"Angel! Tomorrow!"

I’m cracking up now.

“What are you talking about, Missy?”

“It could happen!!”

Then she rolled over and fell asleep once more.

Yeah. I like her.


Adam said...

...but Daddy, I wanna drive.

Erin said...

... i thought it was rainbow fish. then again, you're tho one that supposedly hear me, so i guess you would know.