Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let me spin you a tale.

Today, I went dress shopping with my friend who is getting married this summer. It was good fun, and we found a great dress for her and everything. A few hours later, when I got back to my apartment, I made myself some food stuffs, and got to sitting down munching and whatnot, when I decided I was thirsty. I took my sadly empty cup into the kitchen, and opened up the freezer to pop out some ice cubes, since I hate drinking luke-warm water.

So imagine my surprise when I looked into freezer, only to stare at an empty ice shelf, completely devoid of any and all of my ice cube trays.

I was livid.

I'm fairly certain I'm the only person in our apartment who uses the ice cube trays, like, ever.

I vented to one of my roommates about how it was stupid that someone had jacked our ice cube trays, when every single apartment here has at least two of their own. A few minutes later she returned from next door with the missing ice cube trays.

I don't understand why they stole my ice cube trays. There wasn't even any ice in them when they took them.

Basically, it was stressfulllllll.

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