Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Erin's Week. aka Thuper Duper

It is only Wednesday. And yet it has already been "One of Those Weeks."

I had two midterms in a row, one yesterday and one today. For my two most difficult classes, nonetheless.

I texted the Father after I finished yesterday.
"Well that was extremely unpleasant."
"How unpleasant?"
"It was like the colonoscopy of midterm exams."
"Yeah, well at least during a colonoscopy they have the decency to put you to sleep."

I'm living off a giant bag of Brand X Honeycomb Cereal right now. Oh, and I have a loaf of bread, and about a third a carton of grapefruit juice. Noms.

I do a lot of homework. A lot. Of homework.

I wish I could just go to school dressed like a slob every day. AKA in my oversized gray hoodie and basketball shorts.

There are-literally-scars on my feet from where my flip flops go from wearing them PROBABLY a liiiittle too much.

I called my... second cousin once removed... I think?.... the other day. She's old. And cool. And she's sending me some nerdy little gifties that have information about our fambly soon.

On Saturday I woke up and found little pieces of kiwi and kiwi peel, seriously, all over my kitchen and living room.
How did I deal with the situation?
I ran away to the apartment down the hall for two hours.
Eventually I donned lysol antibacterial wipes as make-shift gloves and started picking it up.
My neighbor came into my open door and asked what I was doing.
"Cleaning up toxic waste." I answered.
He stopped me and did it himself, because he doesn't have freakish allergies to food items.
And he's an extremely nice fellow.
Then he did my dishes.
That was a good day.

I think it would be fun to duct tape someone to a wall.
Is that weird?

It is very fun to say "Huitzilopochtli."
It is not fun to spell
It also brings up unpleasant memories of a colonoscopy-reminiscent Culture exam.


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Tiffy J. said...

I'll let you duct-tape me to a wall if you ask me nicely.