Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween is a comin, Chirrens.

We've finally reached it.
That special time of year when small children are encouraged to take candy from strangers, and it is deemed entirely appropriate.

So. I sort of love Halloween.

Really, I just love getting dressed up for pretty much any occasion with any excuse I can.

Last, year, I was a pretty legit looking flapper, if I do say so myself.

In the past, for various dressing up occasions, I have also been Cookie Monster:
And back in High School, I was Batgirl for Senior Dress Up Week. woot wootie wewt wootation.

In other matters, Enjoy your Halloween! Be safe, remember who you are, eat too much candy, overload on sugar, drive your parents crazy loco in the coco. (That means you, kids.)



I decided to play repeat with the Batgirl scenario. Yes, I know its a popular costume. Its also an easy costume. Which is why its popular.
I went to the D.I. and got a cheap plain yellow top, which i chopped up and made into a bat emblem, belt and headband in about half an hour.
Steven ( the fellow beside me) referred to his own costume as"An Outlaw."
Riiiight, Steven. An outlaw that wants to be Michael Jackson (note the single glove).

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