Thursday, March 11, 2010

Being Happy, Dagnabbit.

I've not had the best past few days. Nothing hugely terrible, but nothing good really happened, and a few pretty poopy things have happened, involving frustration with frustrating people, and the fact that somehow, my poor dear ipod Eduardo has a huge crack in the screen. SADDEST THING EVER. Not even a joke. I'm sort of livid.

So I'm working on finding little things that put me in a better mood. The one failsafe that I know will always help me feel better is going to the gym, and running it out on the treadmill or elliptical or stationary bike, burning off a couple hundred calories, beasting off with a bunch of crunches, then loitering and taking my sweet time getting back to the apartment where I face frustration once more.

Also, right now, I'm watching a bunch of youtube music videos.

Here's something:
I didn't used to like Michael Buble, like, at all. I thought he was just overplayed, and I have extreme loyalties to Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, and I thought this Buble fellow was a wannabe who was going to try and 'be the next Sinatra' or something completely ridiculous like that. Plus, thats kind of impossible. No one will ever be Frank Sinatra ever again. It just won't happen. Nope. No chance at all. Not even in the least. So yep.

Anywho, I've stumbled upon a few of Michael Buble's music videos. I watched them hesitantly, but as I've seen a couple, I've actually liked them quite a bit. It grows on you, I guess. And its definitely not the same as Sinatra, which I like. No comparison to be made for the most part.

So he has this one song, "I just haven't met you yet."
I actually really, really like this one specifically. I like the little story it tells, about how one day everything really will work out to be alright, but right now you just have to have faith and know that one day you'll find someone somehow. Its cute, and I'm not extremely effeminate, but I like it nonetheless. Not to mention the music video is super cute. Like, thuper cute super cute. Honestly, almost too cute. Its about right on the border there, between bearable and intoxicatingly annoying.

I also realized just the other day, in an epiphany of sorts, that I actually really like school. Like, A lot. I love school and going to classes and getting good grades in front of my face to gloat about later, and I like when I do a good job at work and get a gold coin for it, and when my boss comes out to tell me that I'm doing a really great job at my job.

Basically, and I know I don't say this enough, to anyone or myself, but I have a pretty great life for the most part, and I really do love school. I'm pretty lucky, I guess.

Eh. I'm working on it.

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Tiffy J. said...

You're good at being happy.
It's not easy for everyone all the time.
Just remember...smores can be made in about 10 seconds using your microwave. And that can make anyone happy.