Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Opinion.

So I don't really ever listen to the radio or anything, since I would only ever do so in the car, and I am without car here in Utahland. However, every now and then I stumble upon mtv's website, and I end up watching about an hour or two's worth of music videos. Recently, I saw the music video for "Baby" by Justin Bieber. (sounds like 'Beaver') Apparently there is quite a big hype around this kid as of late, and he is quite the Big Deal among the tweenage crowd. So, after proper research and calculation, I have determined:

Justin Bieber is entirely too adorable.

Seriously. He is super cute. But he makes me think of my little brother... meaning he's cute in a twelve year old way. Please refer to the following charts and graphs for further proof.
As you can see, my opinion over Justin Bieber has grown favorable over time. However, Greg's studliness factor is much higher than Justin Bieber's. Take the following picture for example:

Nuff Said. Ponder on the wisdom given here.

In the meantime, Please enjoy this "Anatomy of a Lady Gaga Music Video" pie chart I have provided.

Turns out Justin Bieber is actually 16. Eh. Regardless, I still think he looks to be about 12.

Also, Lady Gaga is still whack.

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Deb in GA said...

I can't really comment on Justin, BUT I do know fershure that your brother sports a 6-pack of abs. Yeah, he does, seriously.