Friday, March 26, 2010

A little poo, negative nancies and a... gIFtY!

This is just a little poo for publicity.... please read and anticipate the consequences thereof.

So as you may know by now, I'm trying to get more followers on this blog. The point is to get people to smile and laugh at what's written here. This is a no negative nancies zone.

We will not talk about health care reform here, or genocide, or dead puppies, or why life is unfair, whine whine whine.


However, this IS a free-to-complain zone. Just not in a whiny way.


While we're here, we might as well get some free stuff out of it. And I am more than happy to find and provide that free stuff for you, my dearies, to enjoy while you're shluffing around my blog.


The very first "As Happy as a Turtle on a Conveyor Belt" Giveaway will be given when we have reached 30 followers. I've already got something lined up! That's right, there is a GUARANTEE that there will be a giveaway when we have reached 30 followers on this blog.

I propose another proposal:

Since I'm trying to get my name out there, in association with this blog, I am offering a reward to those who help me get followers.

Between today, (3-26-10) and Two weeks from now, (4-9-10) I'm asking that you help me find those poor unfortunate souls who are without my knowledge, wisdom, and comic relief in their upsettingly dull lives. He or She that successfully refers the most followers between then and now will receive a special gifty.

ooOooOOOooohhHh, a gIFtY!!

Get excited about it.

Here are the rules:

1. You must already be a follower of this blog yourself.
2. The person you referred must comment on a blog post (ANY recent blog post) confirming that you referred them.
3. The referred person must also become a follower.
4. He or She that has referred the most followers within the two week period will receive the gIFtY!
5. The gIFtY will be revealed at the termination of the contest period. Thats fancy talk for in two weeks, suckas.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Just comment it under here or email me at

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