Monday, March 29, 2010

Wiggidy Whack? No, Just the Regular Kind.

You know whats WHACK?
Nicholas Cage.
Has anyone seen Astro Boy?
Because in that movie, Nicholas Cage's character looks kind of creepily like... well, himself.

Take a look:


Freddie Highmore.
Like I said before, I have recently seen Astro Boy, and that movie prompted me to look him up on IMDB.

Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, little Charlie in the Chocolate Factory is morphing from a cute lil nugget into a weirdly proportioned teenager. WHACK.

Quotes from Parks and Recreation last week. Hilarious, and WHACK.

"I'm a eyebrow girl. I want to make out with him and chew his eyebrows off."

"You shouldn't be leading. If you're menstruating, it'll attract bears."

"Get out of your seats, turds."

You know what else is WHACK?

The amount of bodily injury I accidentally cause to myself in a week. For example:

Not to mention I'm building a mean looking scar on the side of my face where I ran into a shelf at work, along with another one on my other knee where I scooched the seat too close on the stationary bike and scraped my leg along the bottom of the control panel, upon when it began to bleed profusely, through three bandaids, and didn't heal over until at least three weeks later.

"Cool people step on feet and run into walls, We're talented."

Another thing that is whack:

Starburst Jelly Bean Filled Easter Eggs with sad furry animals printed on them.
Need I say more?
That is WHACK.

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