Monday, March 8, 2010


I can't sleep... and its really frustrating.
So while I'm laying here in bed, listening to my "Go to sleep, Erin" playlist, David Archuleta's song "My Hands" comes on.
And I start thinking.
Then I start waxing philosophical. So brace yourselves.

The human hand is amazing. Just hold your hand in front of you, right now, and flex, move your fingers around, grab something, watch yourself type for a moment. Look at an X-ray of hands. Just look at the bones, cartilage, how everything fits together perfectly, how they move together so well. Think of everything we can do with our hands. They let us accomplish so much. Building, creating, writing, drawing, molding, feeling, so many things accomplished through our hands. There's an entire language that uses our hands to communicate, and a culture built around it.

Think of the symbolism and importance we recognize with our hands. Just think. We hold hands with someone, and it shows affection and a desire to be close to them, with our intertwined fingers. When we get married, we wear that symbol on our left hand ring finger, showing the world the commitment we've made, in a place where it is bound to be noticed, on the ever important hand. As a small child, you raise your hand in class, and continue to do so throughout school, to show knowledge and ideas. We care for animals by petting and patting them. There are entire salons dedicated to the care and keeping of our hands. We can create music because of our hands, playing piano keys, plucking harp chords, maneuvering wind instruments, pulling a bow across a violin.

I look at all of these things, and I can't possibly imagine that there couldn't be a greater power out there that helped orchestrate this life. Someone who was so wise and thoughtful, who spent so much time perfecting the body to do so much. Things like this don't just happen on accident. Beauty doesn't just spontaneously appear overnight in an explosion. There's just no other explanation. It is so obvious that we were created with a specific purpose in mind, to live and interact with each other in this life. And our hands are a key part of that body and life and interaction. Just look at them.

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